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    Deep Sleep® Blindfold

    "Life changing! Everyone needs to use this. I sleep so much better! I didn't realize how much sleep I was missing out on until I started using deepsleep mouth tape."

    • The most comfortable blindfold for sleep.
    • Completely dark even under the lights.
    • 3D eye mask for zero interference for eye movement.
    • Fit the top of the nose perfectly.

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    Frequently asked questions

    It's simple - by sealing your lips, you're naturally encouraged to breathe through your nose. This promotes a better and more peaceful night's sleep for both you and your partner

    Our mouth tapes are designed for everyone, but they're particularly useful for those who snore, which is often the case with men. They can help improve sleep quality and ensure a more peaceful night's rest for all.

    Most tape struggles to stay in place over scruff and beards, but we've designed our tape to provide a firm hold and stay securely in position.

    Breathing through your nose can naturally help relieve a stuffy nose. Mouth breathing may worsen congestion and airway constriction. Our product encourages nasal breathing, promoting better airflow.

    Yes, mouth tape can definitely help with dry mouth and morning fatigue by promoting nasal breathing during sleep. While individual experiences may differ, many have found significant benefits. Give it a try for potential positive outcomes.